A College Tour is an exciting opportunity whether you are a frequent traveler or venturing from home for the first time. Tours provide students with a chance to explore new people and places. Because of these experiences and for your safety, Step Higher College Tours has set some important rules and guidelines to make your trip more pleasurable. Adhering to these regulations will not only enhance the enjoyment of your trip, but also ensure the safety of all participants.

*** Please be mindful that these are the minimal guidelines and expectations for your tour. The Tour Director or Group Leaders may provide additional policies, as well. Severe infractions of the preceding rules will result in a telephone call to the student’s parents or may result in the student being sent home at the parent’s expense.



Bus Etiquette

Your motor coach will be your transportation for the duration of the tour. Buses must be kept in an immaculate condition. All garbage shall be disposed of in proper receptacles. Bus drivers have the important task of maintaining the safety of passengers. Noise should be kept to a minimum so that your bus driver is not distracted. Walking on the bus should be minimal and headphones must be used to avoid disturbing others. You will be held responsible for any and all damage you cause to the motor coach.

Hotel Behavior

Your hotel room is your home away from home, so treat it with respect. Keep your belongings in a designated space away from the property of others. Pay-Per-View movie channels may not be purchased. All hotel room telephones will be shut-off to outgoing calls. Students may only receive incoming phone calls. Playing or running in the hallways and the slamming of doors is intolerable. Be mindful of noise in hotels, especially at night while other guests are trying to sleep. No tour participant may leave the hotel grounds for any reason, or use the hotel pool, hot tub or sauna unless permission has been given by a chaperone. You will be held responsible for any and all damage you cause to hotel establishment during occupancy.s.

Lost or Stolen Items

You are responsible for your own belongings. Keep all valuables and money with you at all times. Report any missing items directly to the Chaperones immediately the facility in which you think the item was lost or stolen. 


No one may go anywhere alone for any reason whatsoever! You must remain in groups of at least three or four students. It is crucial that groups stay together at all times. It is of the utmost importance that your Group Leader knows where you are. Remember that you are part of a group. It is highly improper to keep others waiting so always be on time for scheduled activities and departures.

Emergency Cards

Always carry your Step Higher Tours “Emergency Contact Cards” which will be distributed at the beginning of the tour. This card provides the telephone numbers of people and places which will assist you in the event that you become lost or separated from the group.

Family Visits

Visitors are limited to the hotel lobby while patrons are on tour. The curfew for visitation is (10:00pm). No exceptions for friends and family


All students are required to be in their hotel rooms at a time designated by the tour director. Room checks will be conducted by chaperones each night at the time of curfew.

Motor Vehicles

It is not permissible for any tour participant to use any type of motorized vehicle including (but not limited to) motorcycle, jet skis, taxi, private automobile or other vehicle during the tour other than the motor coach provided for the group or when riding with an adult chaperone.


Any student possessing or using an alcoholic beverage, controlled substance, or weapon, will be sent home immediately at the expense of their parent.


Exercise the same courtesy to others that you expect in return. Continuously be mindful of your safety and welfare throughout the tour and use exceptional judgment at all times. Remember that you are being watched carefully at all times. You are responsible for your belongings and your behavior.

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